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We help you find your sixth finger.

Did you know that pandas used to have just five fingers? And that made it difficult for them to eat bamboo. Until one panda was born with six fingers. A mistake of nature? Perhaps. But extremely handy all the same. This panda was able to break and eat bamboo much more easily with six fingers. So this ‘mistake’ suddenly became the start of an evolution. This panda became distinct in his ‘market’. And that changed the course of the rest of the panda population.

But what’s this panda got to do with us? Well, a lot actually. After all, we are continually searching for that sixth finger: that unusual innovation that means your organization becomes an evolutionary pioneer versus your competitors. And that’s what we call real innovation. Or perhaps the Six Fingers sixth sense. Six Fingers discovers, researches and develops new perspectives on your future together with you.

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Innovation is necessary. But what does your organization need to become truly innovative? Let us take you on an expedition, with a focus on challenges and learning. We study precisely what will help your company further. In other words: we travel from inward looking to outward looking. This gives you a new vision for the future – your future.



Six Fingers looks much further than just your sector. We understand that there is a lot to learn from other markets as well. And you can use that information to really distinguish your organization from your competitors. Branchmarking helps your company take a big leap forward.



Reason from the customer's perspective, not from the market. Which problems do your customers face? What pain do they experience? Painstorming always comes before brainstorming: you first have to clarify which problem you want to solve. Let us look at the pain with you, and then help you find an answer.



Exploring Trends.

Where will your organization be in five or ten years? Discover how society and trends develop and paint a clear picture of your future.


Idea creation.

Inspiration for a new idea is sometimes difficult to find. Let us help you draw up an ideas portfolio.



Are you trying to innovate, but keep coming up with the same idea? Then let us challenge you to break through existing concepts.


Innovation begins with dreaming.

Six Fingers knows all there is to know about innovation. And innovation begins with you. Let us inspire you with our video, which has been watched by more than 150,000 people.


Innovation versus improvement.

Why is innovation necessary? And how do you apply innovation? In this inspiring and visual keynote, you learn how to keep innovating your organization and place in the market.


From smart city to happy city.

The term smart cities seems to have become synonymous with technology. And yet a smart city is about much more than tech. After all, how do you develop cities around happiness instead of seeing technology as the answer?


Trend presentation.

Where will your organization be in five or ten years? Discover how society and trends develop and paint a clear picture of your future.



Monthly innovation update?

Join many other interested parties and receive an update about the latest innovation trends once a month.

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