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We see things differently.
We offer new perspectives.

This changing world requires clear foresight. We believe that successful anticipation begins with asking new questions and embracing the unknown. This creates space for innovation.

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A characteristic of our clients is the strength to dare to ask new questions. And the need to innovate rather than incrementally improve. This requires a different process, a different way of organizing and engaging with dilemmas. We provide clarity in an increasingly opaque world, working on future-oriented strategies and innovations.

Discover the difference


Since 2006, we have been working with organizations and governments on innovation. Starting as a creative agency, we have transformed into specialized strategy and innovation developers.

Our goal is not to grow in revenue but to grow in answering increasingly complex questions. And so far, we have succeeded in doing so every year. Growing in substance rather than revenue keeps us sharp and independent.

Our clients come from the Netherlands and beyond. From California to Germany. We have completed over 500 projects together with our clients.

What we do

Future vision
We constantly receive questions about the future of organizations. What will the world look like in ten years? How will we live together? What themes will be relevant? And will existing organizations, systems, services, or products remain relevant then? We don’t have immediate, definitive answers to these big questions. However, continuous research enables us to paint a meaningful picture of the developments that will change the world and their impact on strategy and necessary innovations. It’s not about crystal ball gazing but a solid data-based foundation.

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Expanding perspectives
From a future perspective, we offer companies and organizations new insights that pave the way for a changed consciousness and a different outlook on conducting business. These insights broaden horizons and reveal new paths. By expanding the view in this way, ideas, opportunities, and possibilities for the future emerge.

Remaining relevant
We ensure long-term thinking and action. Together with our clients, we shape the possibilities we see. We provide a process that results in clarity and transforms systems, products, and services to ensure their relevance and longevity.

Our services

Six Fingers works with companies and organizations to drive change and innovation. Our processes never proceed without a solid (step-by-step) plan of action.

We employ proven methods to achieve results and have developed unique services to ensure we reach our goals.

Challenge us.
Ask a question.