When you stop learning,
you won’t be able to move forward.

Life is one great big bookcase.

In March 2016, Rob’s fourth book was published. Versus is all about innovation and how to make it more concrete. About how to also realize innovation in an organization that is geared to execution. Versus is based on the many discussions Rob has had over the years with both start-ups and multinationals. From the Netherlands to Silicon Valley.

Previous books are No Ego, about unsung heroes who change the world. Ga Vreemd! is about distinguishing yourself through branch-alien innovation and Branchmarking, about creativeness (no longer in print).


Improvement versus innovation, from return on investment to return on learning.
Innovation is not improvement. Improvements are tangible, easier to plan and directly implementable. Innovations are intangible, uncertain and more difficult to grasp directly. To innovate, it is necessary to experiment. And that is in distinct contrast to management and control.
This book provides insights and tools for realizing innovation. And to encourage innovators and improvers not to fight, but rather to work together on a sustainable future.

English version available!

No ego.

Unfortunately, not available in English yet.

Ga vreemd!

Unfortunately, not available in English yet.

Download the Versus e-book now.

Practical and concrete tools for realizing innovation.

Full of inspiring and pertinent examples.

Applicable to any organization, big or small.

Easy to read and takes just two hours or so.

In English, accessible for everyone.

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