When the problems in your market and among your customers are not clear.

Which problems play a role among your customers? And how do you tackle this? That’s a difficult question. But we are keen to help you answer it. We apply the painstorming approach: we assess all pain points among your customers and, together with you, find the answer you need to respond appropriately. And to distinguish yourself from competitors. Innovation begins with the basics, and that’s the customer. We examine the current areas of pain in your market and among your customers. After all, without a clear picture, you’re fighting a losing battle.


Ultimately, an idea without a problem doesn’t motivate anyone to act.

And an idea doesn’t just appear from nowhere. It is based on a foundation. It is therefore important to find out the live issues in your market before starting an innovation process. Especially among your customers. Which problems do they experience when using your product? And how do you respond to that? But that’s something you can think about yourself. What we prefer to do is completely immerse ourselves in the environment of your customer. Clearly formulating problems enables us to work toward a solution. Painstorming naturally comes before brainstorming.



Clearly identifying the problems in your market.

Painstorming helps you to clearly identify your customers’ problems and pain. We use the so-called outside-in approach to achieve this.

  1. We first carry out a qualitative study. We focus on the customer. One example of this approach is to follow people (shadowing), or giving groups a task (cultural probes). This helps us to identify the pain users are experiencing.
  2. It is then time to categorize the problems. There are both ‘mosquito bites’ and ‘shark bites’. The mosquito bites are small and solved easily. By optimizing a process, for example. But it’s the shark bites that are really interesting. After all, these represent the real pain that might only be solvable using new products or services.
  3. We then go from inward looking to outward looking. We have a clear idea of the pain of the customer. How can we turn their pain into a solution? This gives you the confidence that you are offering your customers a unique product. One that is as relevant as it is irresistible.


Great. We're curious too, about you and your story. We look forward to meeting you and helping you move forward.

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