When you are trying to innovate, you often come up with the same ideas. It’s very difficult to break through that cycle, so let us help you with that. We use our Challenge session to push you further. We break through the dominant logic within your sector. It’s logical that you stay with your boundaries when brainstorming, but we teach you during this session to look further. And use different approaches. This enables you to realize innovation within your organization.

The challenge at Florius.

Do you want to see how we approach our Challenge sessions? Then read the case of Florius.

“My typing? Sharp. Authentic. Lean and mean. Original.” Florius


Great. We're curious too, about you and your story. We look forward to meeting you and helping you move forward.

Dutch Design Week 2018: how politics and citizens unite?
We are now working on our project to allow citizens to vote again.

When to see: 20 to 28 October 2018

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