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How do you stand out from the crowd?

The Dutch market is getting ever more crowded. And the more companies there are, the more you want to stand out from the rest. But how do you approach this? You could for instance look at other companies in your sector. That’s traditional benchmarking. But those companies struggle with the same problems and the same limitations. And quite possibly also with the same dominant logic. If you compare yourself to them, all you’ll do is become as good as them. But you naturally want to be better. Six Fingers therefore goes a lot further than other consultancies: we branchmark to arrive at genuinely new and innovative ideas.

Branchmarking is cross-fertilization

“Somebody, somewhere solved your problem for different reasons in different circumstances”.

Great saying, eh? We all agree about that. It’s a shame to learn only from the organizations within your own market. We prefer to look at the pioneers in other sectors. Have they experienced similar problems? And how did they solve them? It’s important to obtain such knowledge. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Six Fingers has all the tools and expertise needed to carry out extensive studies. We then translate that information into an innovative solution for your organization. One which really distinguishes you from your competitors.

How does branchmarking work?

Six Fingers doesn’t look at your competitors, but at pioneering companies in other sectors. We do this as follows:

1. First, we look at all the domains in which you want your organization to stand out. What are the areas of pain and the perspectives on the market? And where are the opportunities as yet unexploited? This could be in the area of marketing, or products or services.

2. Then it’s time to consult our database. We’ve been filling this database for many years with information from top organizations worldwide. Organizations that are very strong on the points you aim to use to stand out. This allows us to study more than 700 cases. We then make a list of companies from which your organization can learn a lot.

3. After that comes a workshop in which we translate all that information into practical solutions to your problem. As a result, we work toward a design that is truly innovative and new within your sector. One that will amaze your competitors and customers.

Branchmarking with Florius

Florius also invited Six Fingers to use branchmarking to take a look over the fence at the neighbors. Here you will read how our solution ultimately became a great success.

"No stone remains unturned and Six Fingers really knows how to get the most out of it. Six Fingers keeps us sharp and our people get so much energy from the sessions."


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