Finding a new perspective.

Innovation is not always easy

It’s very difficult to look beyond your own organization and sector. After all, that’s the environment you know best. Six Fingers is keen to take you on an expedition into another world. That’s where we will find the most innovative solutions to your problems. And to ensure that your organization stands out from the competition. But we are also keen to look at the larger picture: our expedition invites you to create a different picture of the future earning power of your organization.

On expedition with Six Fingers: finding a new perspective

The expedition that we go on with you is especially focused on the future. We want to innovate. And disengage from the existing concepts within your organization and sector. That’s scary, but necessary. First we study the areas of pain your customers are experiencing. What do they need in terms of innovation? What do they still miss in your market? Further we look into the choices and strategies that organizations in other sectors have applied. All that information is then specified into a new concept. We come up with new prototypes, products, services or ideas, and then publish them. This allows us to assess how the market responds. Do they grab it with both hands, or is there still room for improvement? We develop and investigate further until the concept entirely reflects the wishes of the customer and the market. And that will of course enable you to clearly stand out from the competition. But such a concept gives your organization the renewal and innovation it deserves.

On expedition with Sigma paintr

Sigma Coatings invited us to break through their perspective and come up with a completely new and distinctive concept. Read here how we approached this.

"Before we started, we really had no idea at all that we were going to do something completely innovative. But see what we came up with; Sigma paintr." PPG Coatings


Great. We're curious too, about you and your story. We look forward to meeting you and helping you move forward.

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