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HabiSense innovates the exploration for living environments.


Bringing together government, business and citizens.

Antea Group’s a big player on the global market of engineers. As clinic they’re with 3500 contributors, which you can find in different sectors. The organisation is a success, but Antea Group’s always looking for innovations. So we were inspired together by the new Omgeveingswet (Law of Environments). This law calls on account the governement, when it comes to crossing the standards of traffic or the standards of air quality. But what chances does this law offer? Antea Group gave, together with Six Fingers, the answer in the shape of a start-up: HabiSense.

3 new directions.

From professional to smart citizens.

New business model.

We seriously doubted whether this approach would lead to new insights and possibilities. But the method is very practical. They first aim to identify the areas of pain, before taking the next step. Another pragmatic aspect is the click with the management. That suits Antea as a company. We now have three possible directions before us, but without Six Fingers we would never have managed to take the step toward realization beyond our traditional comfort zone. It was like being twenty years in the past with my ‘view of the world’. It felt like being back at school, with my intelligence being stimulated continually.

- Antea Group

HabiSense collects emotional and functional data.

Together with Antea Group we went through an all-embracing process. We thought about the existing rules and problems and investigated what governments and companies need for data. We also looked at pains in other sectors for that. Which problems do they encounter in measuring data? We discovered that data is only useful when it is both functional and emotional. The one can not do without the other. All these insights led us to a special concept: HabiSense. As a startup HabiSense is in contact with citizens and the environment. Functional data is collected via sensors placed in the environment. And citizens can use an app to indicate how they value their living environment and well-being. That is important emotional data.

Research into the living environment improves.

HabiSense forms a response to various issues as a smart system. Especially within an important domain as a living environment. It is a way of successfully conducting research into the quality of living environments and the satisfaction of residents. And through targeted research that quality can then be improved. With HabiSense Antea Group therefore tries to create a social impact. Antea Group is continuing to test and improve HabiSense. This increases the number of users and places special boxes in the Netherlands to measure environments. With this, HabiSense can offer an even better insight into living environment and well-being. Perhaps it will become a platform for all of us.

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