ABN AMRO - Florius

Finding new business opportunities in a regulated sector.

Branchmarking, Challenge.

To distinguish yourself in a regulated sector.

Florius (ABN AMRO) is on the mortgage market. That is an industry in which products are connected to many rules and laws. In addition, all players look alike. How can you distinguish yourself as a mortgage provider? How can Florius present itself as a leader when the market offers little space for it? And how can Florius improve its Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Strongly growing market share.

NPS from negative to positive.

One compass for the entire organization.

Sharp, authentic and able to get people on board.

It was for us quite a difficult decision to work with a smaller party, as at that time we only worked with major consultancies. But our strong gut feeling won the day. We really like the confrontational approach. We continue to examine things carefully and because we’re out of comfort zone, we are being continually stimulated to work in a different way. And that’s not just extremely useful; it’s a lot of fun too. My typing? Sharp. As hard as nails in a pleasant way. Authentic. Lean and mean. Original. Able to convince people. No stone remains unturned and Six Fingers really knows how to get the most out of it. Six Fingers keeps us sharp and our people get so much energy from the sessions.

– Florius

Our lives are changing, but does the mortgage market also adapt?

These are tricky questions, but of course a great challenge for Six Fingers. That is why we have been working with Florius for six years to investigate the rules and customs in the mortgage market. And to renew, of course. Florius wants to be different than her competitor: she wants to think from the perspective of her customer. We have come up with a solution for this. First we carefully looked at ‘the mortgage’. Actually, that is a strangely designed product. A mortgage will remain the same for years, while a human life is very dynamic. You marry, find a job, maybe change jobs, move … A human life changes continuously. Especially in this century. A fixed mortgage does not really fit in with that. In fact, a mortgage would have to move with you. That is why Florius is introducing a new value on the mortgage market: products that fit the customer’s perspective and his or her future. The mortgage lender successfully changed its image: no more ‘Florius, mortgages and more’, but ‘Florius, mortgages that move along’.

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Florius thinks along with the customer of today.

In collaboration with Florius, we developed a mortgage that allows you to pay off without penalty, the ZZP mortgage and residual debt financing. Options that suit the customer today. With this Florius was able to profile himself as a leader. We were the first to be there, making Florius more and more appreciated by consumers and intermediaries. She is the bank that thinks along with you as a customer and moves with it. That is why Florius was voted ‘the best mortgage lender in the Netherlands’ for nothing twice and her NPS has improved. The market share of Florius has also grown considerably in recent years. And we are very proud of that.

Just like Florius being challenged to innovation and learning from other industries?

Great. We're curious too, about you and your story. We look forward to meeting you and helping you move forward.

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