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Return on Learning. Released in June 2023.

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Book: Return on Learning

In June 2023, our new book, Return on Learning, was published. The book aims to promote long-term thinking for organizations and future generations.

Interested in purchasing Return on Learning? ''Waarom?'' is de essentie van de toekomst // Rob Adams' Return on Learning

Governments and companies are grappling with significant future challenges. They will need to adapt to a rapidly and constantly changing environment. Adaptive capacity is crucial in the era we live in.

It is impossible to predict the future. The future begins with not knowing. This not only creates uncertainty but also leads to postponing or avoiding decision-making or making decisions based on insufficient information.

Return on Learning (ROL) fosters the ability to think and act with a long-term perspective. It provides insight into the underlying factors, assumptions, and potential opportunities for innovation. ROL emphasizes achieving high learning curves in domains that are essential for the future. This method contrasts with Return on Investment (ROI), which reinforces short-term thinking and actions.

By adopting ROL as a value alongside ROI, you establish a benchmark for long-term thinking and actions. This enables organizations to gain control over the future.

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