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The talent to envision the future and the experience to get there.

Six Fingers drives innovation and change. Our team of free thinkers develops future-proof strategies and distinctive innovations. With 17 years of experience in designing and guiding processes for a wide range of organizations, we deliver results. When necessary, we gratefully leverage our extensive network of creative minds.


Rob Adams..

Founder, challenger, unconventional thinker, author

Since 2006, owner and founder of Six Fingers. Columnist and author of five books on innovation. His latest book is titled "Return on Learning." Sharp, decisive, and skilled in guiding processes and groups in complex and challenging situations. He inspires and challenges to explore alternative ways of thinking. Advises and assists companies and governments in navigating complex future issues. Explores new perspectives and brings about innovation. Rob is also a highly sought-after speaker on the future and strategy & innovation.

Edwin Schenk.

Partner, builder, challenger

Since 2020, Edwin has been a partner at Six Fingers. He has worked with top companies for over a decade to drive innovation. Until 2020, he spent over seven years as the business director of the Dutch Design Week, a catalyst for innovation. He enjoys simplifying complex innovation processes. As a former top athlete, he believes in the prospect of achieving seemingly unattainable goals, especially where others think the defined ambitions are unrealistic. Edwin is an expert on the future of building, living, and life—a topic he speaks about on various platforms.

Bart van Leeuwen.

Partner, project leader

Since 2010, Bart has been helping companies find innovation, and since 2023, he has been a partner at Six Fingers. He is a quick thinker, creative, realistic, and a skilled mediator. He goes beyond where others stop. He always brings groups back down to earth and translates insights into new products and services. He guides large-scale projects and excels at identifying connections between industries. His knowledge and passion for new technologies make him an inspiring speaker on their implications and application within organizations.

Rick Pijpers.

Strategist, digital expert

Rick possesses unique qualities. He began his career as a musical actor, worked in leadership positions in the tech industry for 25 years, and is also a skilled pianist. Like no other, Rick can establish connections between different ways of thinking. His talent for analogies leads to practical and economically viable solutions, which have had a disruptive impact in some cases. Rick's expertise lies in meaningfully applying digital technology in emerging markets, an area he works extensively in.

Irma van de Wildenberg.

Project leader, researcher

Irma knows how to navigate complex projects successfully. With her background as a researcher and her interest in human beings and our world, Irma provides crucial insights for designing impactful solutions for the future. She knows how to translate ideas into services and products. Analytical, pragmatic, and sharp, she can lead groups and stimulate actual innovation.

Marijn van der Poll.

Innovation & design expert

As an author and innovation expert, Marijn is intimately familiar with the creative process. His work has found its way into museums worldwide and has been published in leading magazines. He teaches students at the world-renowned Design Academy to discover the creative process. Marijn utilizes his expertise and experience to develop impactful concepts. He is enthusiastic, quick, and to the point, working on remarkable projects for governments and businesses.

Manouk van de Ven.

Trend researcher

With an open mind, Manouk identifies signals of change worldwide. She is constantly seeking out innovations and researching them. Manouk analyzes developments and innovations to map trends and incorporate them into our trend framework.

Marianne de Proost.

Office manager

With Marianne as the office manager, the Six Fingers team can fully focus on projects and perform at their best. She provides support, takes care of administrative tasks, and connects with attention to detail. Marianne is responsible for the planning of large and small projects. She has a keen sense of hospitality, which clients experience when they visit our office or other locations.

Luuk Huijsmans.

Trend expert, developer

Luuk is an expert in trend research and its application. His interest in societal and sectoral changes worldwide makes him the go-to person for many of our projects. Having graduated with honors, he has a quick mind and sees connections that remain hidden to others. In projects, he leverages his skills as a concept developer and embraces innovative thinking.

Cécile van den Boogaard.

Project leader and reporter

Cécile constantly switches between strategic, tactical, and operational levels for the teams she works with. In doing so, she consistently looks for learning opportunities and finds the right words to support teams in their perseverance. Perseverance is crucial when learning and implementing new things. By constantly focusing on "What are we learning?" she helps organizations create the right context. Teams with diverse stakeholders are exceptionally well taken care of by her. With a background in leadership and advisory roles for various ministries and corporations, Cécile's great strength lies in mobilizing different stakeholders to take action.

Jeroen Slappendel.

Sprint expert, concept developer

Jeroen has extensive experience in research, product development, and positioning international organizations in various industries. Driven by a broad interest and a passion for understanding behavior, he excels in co-creating teams to reach new heights and develop concrete products and services. He is an expert in designing processes to quickly reach solutions.

Our Network.

Specific Expertise

When specific expertise is required for projects, we can rely on our network. This includes designers, architects, digital specialists, and more. This allows us to guide every project from initiation to completion. Our network is familiar with our work methods and quality and knows how to add value.