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Our strength is uniting theory and practice. We add insight, creativity, decisiveness and entrepreneurship to our clients’ teams.

We have an arsenal of methods and techniques that we apply to projects large and small. But the approach depends on the question.

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We believe that your branch has exhausted all the options, so we always look beyond your branch. We know that theory alone won't change the world, but action will. And everyone in our team works on this basis. We are quick to take action, as it's only then that you discover whether or not something is of value. Our people are committed, personable and relaxed in their dealings with our clients. But we are also critical, honest and have a sharp focus on the issues at hand. A fresh creative vision, a practical/inquiring attitude and the courage to try new ideas all ensure continual improvement and impact. Both for our clients and for ourselves.


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Dutch Design Week 2018: how politics and citizens unite?
We are now working on our project to allow citizens to vote again.

When to see: 20 to 28 October 2018

Read more about our collaboration with DDF, designers and Province of Noord-Brabant